About Me

I'm a software engineer on the Canonical Foundations Team who works on the Raspberry Pi tasks every chance I get. Of course, this blog is hosted on a Pi! I love microcontrollers and SBC's, and I feel very lucky to work with them every day. You may also know me from my Chimera Keyboards project and related contributions to QMK Firmware. I will do my best to keep this blog updated with content that could help other tech lovers.

Outside of work I enjoy cycling, spending time with my wife and three dogs, and whatever other new hobby I'm infatuated with at the time. I work out of Dallas, TX by way of Philadelphia, hence my love of the word "Jawn".

If you need to reach me about the content of this blog, please do so at william.wilson(at)canonical(dot)com. If you would like to contact me about a bug in Ubuntu, please submit a Launchpad Bug